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The young republic of Montenegro has quickly established itself as Southern Europe’s newest luxury resort destination, thanks to its natural, historical, and artistic splendors. The reasons are many, but its organic attractiveness is just one of them. The untamed and rocky interior is home to no fewer than four national parks with expansive views, moving mountain lakes, deep canyons, and the magnificent Ostrog monastery hidden among the rocks. On the other hand, the shore has the more southern fjord of Europe, the renowned Bay of Kotor, a Unesco World Heritage Site, in addition to its 300 km of coastline of clean, crystal waters, picturesque coves, and beaches.

Due to this, in addition to its strategic location, this small gem—which is still primarily undiscovered—has attracted significant investments in travel, particularly luxury tourism. So, get ready to take notes because we are about to unveil the luxury destinations and attractions not to be missed when you visit Montenegro.

Montenegro is Untouched and Niche

While Montenegro has long been a must-know location for seasoned travelers, the ordinary tourist may initially need help finding it on a map. The country now uses a two-pronged strategy to prevent overcrowding as its reputation as a luxury destination grows internationally. On the one hand, a flurry of luxury resorts and accommodations have recently opened or are currently under development. On the other hand, a booming ecotourism industry is utilizing Montenegro’s breathtaking scenery.


Indeed, the proximity of everything within Montenegro’s 422-mile borders makes the country exceptional. You can swim on its immaculate beaches in the morning and fly down its ski slopes within a few hours. The country more than makes up for its small size in sheer variety, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. Almost any adventurous activity you can think of is available here in world-class settings and conditions, with the added attraction that you’ll frequently find yourself passing by a UNESCO-approved artifact of European history while doing so. Outdoor pursuits include sailing, scuba diving, hiking, skiing, climbing, and rafting. So where are the top luxury resorts in Montenegro?

Top Luxury Resorts in Montenegro

Porto Montenegro

This ultra-chic marina is the foundation of Montenegro’s reputation as the Monaco of the Adriatic. With its superyachts docked at the port, hip clubs, magnificent restaurants, and upscale stores, Porto Montenegro has made a name for itself as an important Mediterranean tourist port and one of the hubs of high living seen along the Adriatic coast.

The 300km pristine coastline in Porto Montenegro is where the world’s beau monde, including Brits, Americans, Russians, and Arabians, moor their superyachts. The most stunning Mediterranean fjord, Kotor Bay, where Porto Montenegro holds center stage, has steep mountains stretching above the water, making for a superlative backdrop to the surrounding glamour. First, stroll down the harbor to take in the ostentatious pleasure yachts and discover the largest private vessel in the world’s brand-new mooring. Then, browse the endless galleries and boutiques; the Rolex store is close to a dozen trendy bars.

A special event previously hosted in the Principality of Monaco for 25 years has moved to the Porto Montenegro Marina, one of the few marinas in the world with 400 spaces for yachts between 12 and 180 meters, making it one of the very few. It is amazing to observe these gems as they leisurely cruise across the fjord’s crystal-clear waters. Therefore, it’s easy to see why Montenegro is a brand-new luxury resort location and a renowned center for the glamorous maritime industry.

Sveti Stefan

Imagine a little walled island with two golden beaches that meet and form a luxury resort where solitude is paramount. While seeing Sveti Stefan from above on the panoramic road that descends to the sea, it seems to you like this.

Nothing in Montenegro is more traditional than this peninsula of pale beaches and terracotta-roofed homes south of Budva. Yet, with fifty or so rooms, cobblestone pathways, and courtyards that pass for the hotel’s public areas, today’s fortified island village leads a double life as an upscale hotel run by the swanky Asian chain Aman. First, it is a vacationers’ paradise with two gorgeous pebble beaches on either side of the isthmus. While the historic village is exclusively accessible to guests staying at the Aman Resort, don’t worry; the beaches are open to the general public.

Montenegro Business Opportunities

The demand for upscale apartments in Montenegro has boomed due to the influx of discriminating foreign visitors seeking luxury resort standards. Royal Town Kotor is a development of unrivaled high-end serviced apartments just a short drive from the Tivat airport, Kotor’s Old Town, and Porto Montenegro that more than meets the requirements for luxury accommodation. Real estate investing is an excellent way to diversify your holdings and generate consistent income. Therefore, we have the ideal solution for you if you want to be a landlord but want to avoid finding tenants or maintaining the property: Serviced apartments in Montenegro!

We created a unique investment approach that gives over 50% better returns than residential rental properties as API Investment, one of the most well-known professional property investment companies. As a part of our Royal Town Kotor management package, we keep your property in excellent condition. Your apartment will receive effective marketing from us, so you won’t need to stress about finding respectable tenants. Of course, you can also take advantage of the luxury lifestyle our apartments have to offer when you visit Montenegro.

Royal Town Kotor’s premium serviced apartments will give you and your visitors a luxury experience in a homey environment. Additionally, with the growth of luxury tourism in the nation, buying an apartment in Montenegro is a fantastic financial opportunity. So, unwind while we maximize your income with our all-inclusive rental management and service solutions. You may contact us for detailed information about the Royal Town Kotor apartments and the opportunities to invest in Montenegro. 

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