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Due to its stunning natural landscape, with towering lush mountains and sunny beaches, Montenegro is a sought-after tourist destination. The Balkan nation makes for an appealing prospect for relocation or international investment in Montenegro real estate when you combine those characteristics with a government eager to join the EU and a pro-business tax structure. However, if you plan to buy property in Montenegro, you must take an essential first step: obtaining a Montenegro residence permit

The Montenegrin government understands that immigration will drive future economic development and offers incentives to overseas investors, including the excellent benefit of Montenegro residence by investment. Obtaining residency in Montenegro is relatively simple; when you buy developed property, you automatically qualify to apply. If the opportunity to reside in a breathtaking foreign country has piqued your interest, read our guide below on how to get Montenegro residence by investment.

Who Qualifies for a Montenegro Residence Permit

Once you’ve decided to apply for Montenegrin residency, the procedure is straightforward, and the following circumstances allow you to get a Montenegro residence permit as a foreigner:

Full-time employment, education, ownership of developed real estate, starting a business in Montenegro and seasonal employment are the primary criteria for granting a Montenegro residence permit. Permits for temporary residence are available for one-year intervals that can be renewed.

What Rules Apply to Montenegrin Residency Permits?

Anyone planning to live and work in Montenegro for over three months needs a residence permit. Similarly, investors who want to establish a business in Montenegro must have a residency permit to conduct business legally. Montenegro offers temporary and permanent resident permits to foreigners, and after five consecutive years of temporary visas, you can apply for a permanent one. Once granted a residency permit, you can bring your spouse and minor children to Montenegro. 

The Montenegrin police must receive the application for a temporary residency permit; it must be accompanied by specific papers and processed within 30 days of receipt. In addition, you must notify your local immigration inspector if you plan to travel outside Montenegro for more than one month in a calendar year.

2023 application process for a Montenegro Residence Permit

No matter how much money is spent on buying real estate in Montenegro or registering a firm, only a one-year residence visa is awarded to foreigners in the first instance. The following paperwork must be submitted with your application for a resident permit in Montenegro:

  • Evidence of property ownership (a purchase or sale agreement);
  • A bank receipt showing a 3,650 EUR deposit into a Montenegrin bank
  • A valid 30-day period of medical insurance;
  • Copies of all of your passport’s pages;
  • Proof that you have never been arrested in your country of birth;
  • Within the first 24 hours of your arrival in Montenegro, you must provide proof of registration with the local police;
  • Evidence of having paid the 25 EUR residence permit charge.


Please be aware that once you receive a residency permit in Montenegro in 2023, you must let the police each whenever you enter or exit the country.

Permits for Permanent Residency in Montenegro

You can apply for Montenegro’s permanent residency after five years as a temporary resident. This indicates that your residency permit has a five-year duration that may be extended for another five years. All of the privileges of a Montenegrin citizen are yours, except the right to vote and a passport. Once you receive a permanent residency, you are free to travel outside Montenegro for more than one month each year without forfeiting your residency. 

If a foreign national has been married to a Montenegrin national for more than three years (or to a foreign national with permanent residence), is of Montenegrin descent, or is a child or close relative of a Montenegrin national or of a foreign national with permanent residence in Montenegro, their application for permanent residence may be approved.

Rules for Tax Residence in Montenegro

One of Europe’s most alluring tax structures is found in Montenegro. The personal income tax ranges from 9% to 15% and is the same for corporations. To be eligible for tax residency, you must have a residence permit and stay in Montenegro for 183 days during a specific calendar year.

You should know that this tax obligation arises automatically after 183 days spent in Montenegro. Therefore, if you are a foreign citizen and work in Montenegro for more than half the year, you may need to pay taxes to the Montenegrin government and your home nation. You should check to determine if this applies to you, as Montenegro does have double taxation treaties with roughly fifty countries, most of which are in the EU.

Benefits of Investing in Montenegro Real Estate

One of the most crucial aspects of real estate investing is location because it significantly affects how the value of your property will increase. As they are more in demand for long-term and vacation rentals, properties by the coast are a fantastic choice for buyers who want to experience coastal living or for investors looking to rent out properties at higher prices. If you are looking for an excellent real estate investment opportunity, Montenegro should be at the top of your list because so much of its real estate is close to the sea. Our premium serviced apartments at Royal Town Kotor are strategically located a stone’s throw from the top Montenegro attractions on the breathtaking Bay of Kotor coast.

Royal Town Kotor- The Smart Choice

We have an intriguing alternative if you’re looking for a property that checks all the right boxes for investment in Montenegro real estate. We are excited to share Royal Town Kotor, our most recent endeavour, following our pioneer project at Royal Blue Montenegro. This brand-new luxury apartment complex in Kotor is constructed with cutting-edge design and furnished with deluxe amenities. There are numerous studios and apartments, all with beautifully decorated interiors. Its top-notch shared facilities include an infinity pool, a yoga studio, a relaxation area, and sports facilities. So what are you waiting for? Contact our team to start a new chapter with a lucrative investment in Montenegro and residency in the most up-and-coming destination in Europe!

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