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Although the phrase “hidden gem” is overused in ordinary speech, it has significant implications when used for overseas transactions, such as buying real estate. The Bay of Kotor is a true hidden gem Montenegro real estate destination, offering benefits to your investment and lifestyle. This small nation in the South Adriatic frequently makes news for its impending EU membership and stunning coastlines, but it has much more to offer. As the jewel of Montenegro’s azure coast, the Bay of Kotor is the ultimate location if you are planning to invest in Montenegro. Let’s examine the top five reasons to invest in property in the Bay of Kotor.

#1. The Bay of Kotor is in a Strategic Location

Due to its location, natural beauty, and potential, the Montenegrin coast is the most desirable region of the nation for real estate investment. The two main factors driving price increases in real estate in Montenegro are the influx of foreign direct investment into this industry and the desire for high-end properties on the Montenegrin coast from non-residents. And there is no better coastal destination than the thriving Bay of Kotor. 

The Bay of Kotor is a critical component of the government’s strategy for the future of Montenegro, with a concentration on large-scale projects that cater to the top one percent. Moreover, its stunning location is home to a UNESCO-protected heritage site, and the breathtaking Porto Montenegro marina and the international airport at Tivat are just a short drive away. That’s why we have selected this premium site as the home of our exciting new project, Royal Town Kotor. In keeping with the upscale locale, our serviced apartment complex offers the height of luxury living with striking sea and landscape views and high-class amenities that will draw attention from jet setters and business travelers. 

#2. Kotor is a Thriving Tourist Hot-Spot

Due to its distinctive natural setting and rich cultural history, the Kotor region is growing in popularity as a tourist destination. It blends the Balkans and Mediterranean civilizations, the Adriatic Sea’s ideal union, and nature’s beauty. This guarantees an annual growth in revenue for the tourism industry, particularly in the Bay of Kotor. So, if you invest in Montenegro with real estate in the Bay of Kotor, you can watch your investment flourish as the tourist industry expands annually.

#3. The Bay of Kotor is Experiencing Huge Growth


If you plan to invest in real estate in Montenegro, selecting the right destination is the key to your success. One of the best criteria to consider is the growth story of the location you plan to invest in. The growth story is evident everywhere you look in the Bay of Kotor. The site is as beautiful as the Norwegian Fjords, and people are beginning to take notice.

Not just the media but also investors. Not just casual investors but large-scale initiatives with the government’s full backing are being undertaken to make the Bay of Kotor and Montenegro the primary Adriatic vacation spot for the wealthy. While Montenegro has a global perspective and has retained prime land for significant developments that target the 1%, neighboring Croatia entered the game too early, developed too early, and mainly recruited middle-class Europeans.

Despite a small population, the country’s first-rate infrastructure and the thriving Montenegro real estate industry draw domestic and foreign investors to its valued coast. As a result, investment activity is buzzing at the Bay of Kotor, often known as the Golden Triangle, where substantial investment has elevated this region of exceptional natural beauty to a genuinely extraordinary real estate investment opportunity. The Bay of Kotor has welcomed several jaw-dropping constructions as a spur for growth and development, most notably Porto Montenegro, where real estate values soared 62% in a decade.

#4. Kotor is a hub for Billionaire Patrons.

Any investor would be wise to consider the Bay of Kotor. The Adriatic region has untapped potential with no obvious peak in sight as one of the most popular tourist and residential destinations.

This region of Montenegro ranked #15 on the list of the top locations for billionaires worldwide, is subtly evolving into a high-end tourism destination. Porto Montenegro, a high-end residential and shopping complex with a world-class marina and 450 berth capacity, is located in the center as the flagship of the Bay of Kotor. Luxury penthouses now fetch millions of dollars. High-end brands like Dior, Rolex, Burberry, and Balenciaga are in the retail mall, and celebrities come here to dock their super yachts. The Saudi royal family even moved its golden fleet of mega yachts from Monaco to Porto Montenegro. As a result of this high-end project, the Bay of Kotor has become a sought-after travel destination that draws wealthy tourists and luxury travel and retail businesses.

#5. EU Accession will Boost Value in the Bay of Kotor

Montenegro is in the process of becoming a member of the European Union, and completion is just around the corner, due in 2025. Montenegro real estate investments are highly advantageous as the EU process moves on. After the membership process is complete and access to the member nations is granted, the value of real estate in Montenegro will see another boom. So, before Montenegro’s accession process is completed, you should take advantage of Montenegro business opportunities and buy property in Montenegro without delay!

Invest in the Bay of Kotor with Royal Town Kotor

In order to maintain its position as the top luxury destination and the hub of the tourism industry, the Bay of Kotor will continue to grow and prosper. Demand for premium serviced apartments will increase as discerning clients strive to live up to their high standards. Therefore, if you’re seeking lucrative Montenegro business opportunities, consider high-end Montenegro real estate, such as Royal Town Kotor. Contact us to learn more about the luxury serviced apartment lifestyle in Royal Town Kotor.

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