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One of the world’s fastest-growing tourist attractions, Montenegro boasts alluring beaches backed by the warm, clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, rugged peaks, and a mild Mediterranean climate. Montenegro is rich with attractions, from the grand Venetian Old Town in Kotor, surrounded by a stunning deep blue bay resembling a fjord, to the mountainous interior, home to national parks, towering hills, and underground caverns. Perfect for a picture-book home, this tiny nation delivers an unbeatable lineup of top attractions in Montenegro, with its historical harbor towns, waterfront luxury living, and endless natural beauty.

Royal Town Kotor is ideally situated amid the top attractions in Montenegro, with historical and natural hot spots in easy reach. Our luxury serviced apartments provide the ideal accommodation when you visit Montenegro. See our list of the top attractions in Montenegro for suggestions on the leading destinations to add to your Montenegrin wish list.

Must-See Attractions in Montenegro

The Capital Podgorica.

The Bay of Kotor’s easy-on-the-eye beauty has practically turned the capital city of Podgorica into a tourist ghost town, diverting a large portion of the city’s visitor traffic. The only accurate indication of Podgorica’s historic core among the new construction is the clocktower across the Moraca River because the Old Town was destroyed during the Second World War.

Even if there are few major historical attractions, there are still many other things to do if you know where to go. First, start your journey inside King’s Park, dotted with monuments to notable Montenegrins, including Nicholas I of Montenegro. Then proceed to Saborni Hram Hristovog Vaskrsenja, a faux-historic cathedral with many oddly placed spires and domes. Finally, head across the Moraca River from Stara Varos to the tiny park concealing the former royal winter house known as Petrovic Palace. Since 1985, the palace and the nearby structures have served as the Center for Contemporary Art, one of Montenegro’s most significant cultural organizations and home to some 1500 works of art.


The Budva Riviera is the Côte d’Azur of Montenegro, stretching down the central Montenegrin coastline, with Budva Old Town as its anchor town. The beaches here are bordered by the gorgeous mountains on one side and the sparkling, aquamarine Adriatic Sea on the other. With sea views at every turn, Montenegro’s most well-known summer resort is all about the gleaming water, shining bodies, and summertime enjoyment. Prepare for an outdoor theater filled with musicians, actors, and pavement cafés.

However, Budva is also a historic town with 2,500 years of history and culture, making it one of the must-see attractions in Montenegro. The original settlement’s ruins, revealed by an earthquake, are on display in front of the Budva Citadel. The old town museum and the Citadel are great venues to learn about Budva’s past. Don’t miss the beautiful view of the historic church over Riardova Glava Beach from the square in front of Santa Maria del Punta.

Top Attractions in Montenegro for Nature Lovers

Lovcen National Park.

Montenegro means “Black Mountain” in English. Visit Lovcen National Park, a place of cliffs, granite temples, and some of the nation’s highest peaks, for a day excursion to learn why. Wolves, bears, and butterflies all inhabit the heights of Lovcen, making it the most diversified country in terms of species by area in all of Europe despite its simple beauty. With vistas of the Adriatic beyond, hiking trails like the Wolf Trail wind through historic stone settlements. There is one more daredevil attraction in the National Park. Famous for its 26 serpentine twists, the bicycle descent to Kotor is a thrilling rollercoaster and, understandably, one of the top attractions in Montenegro for adrenaline junkies. 

Tara River

Another worthy contender for the top attractions in Montenegro: the Tara River carves a foaming slash of white water through Montenegro as it plunges through the deepest gorge in Europe. To demonstrate its power, the Tara Canyon floor has been dug down to a depth of 1,300m, almost as deep as Arizona’s Grand Canyon. The 15 km stretch of Black Lake that runs through Durmitor National Park, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the most Instagrammable piece. Enjoy three hours of thrills and spills and a picnic lunch next to the most giant freshwater spring on earth. Together with the picturesque Ostrog Monastery, the area’s rugged topography also features mountain bikes, horseback, and cave trips.

Top Attractions in Montenegro for Architecture


The most captivating part of Montenegro is Kotor, one of the best-preserved walled medieval towns along the Adriatic coast on the edge of the magnificent blue Bay of Kotor. The fjord-like Kotor Bay drew Venetian settlers, who left their architectural mark in grand towers, ornate squares, and a gelateria still used today. The old town of Kotor is a labyrinth of cobblestone lanes where small stores in the Aladdin’s cave-style crowd together and laundry lines cross streets. Climb to the top of the San Giovanni stronghold for the best views of the historic town. Kotor is known for its grilled octopus, squid ink risotto, and konoba restaurants, which are traditional eateries where fishermen used to throw their daily catch onto an open grill. Be sure to sample their delicacies when you visit Montenegro.  


Perast is a charming tiny town distinguished for its numerous churches and stone-built mansions, and it is situated on the same lovely bay as Kotor but only to the northwest. The 250-person village replicates the bigger beach villages along the coast, with its textbook Venetian campanile and lake villas with ornate balconies. Still, it is more rewarding due to its spiritual and architectural highs. Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George, two of Perast’s most picturesque churches, are located on little islets in the harbor. The Church of St. Nikola offers stunning views of the town and the Gulf of Kotor.

Find Endless Attractions in Montenegro from Royal Town Kotor

With its distinctive landscape and rich cultural history, Montenegro is fast becoming a major tourist destination. It blends the civilizations of the Balkans and the Mediterranean, the ideal union of the Adriatic Sea, and the beauty of nature. This guarantees an annual growth in revenue for the tourism industry and, in turn, in Montenegro real estate. So if you invest in Montenegro, particularly in the Tivat-Kotor region, it will raise the value of your investment day by day as the country’s tourist industry doubles annually. 

At the center of all the attractions in Montenegro is Royal Town Kotor. Following our success with Royal Blue Montenegro, we crafted a project of luxury serviced apartments in the jewel of the Adriatic to combine natural beauty with an opulent lifestyle and panoramic sea vistas. There are countless benefits when you buy property in Montenegro and invest in Royal Town Kotor. Who wouldn’t want to invest in Montenegro, whose accession to the EU will be complete by 2025?

With the luxury serviced apartment opportunity Royal Town Kotor provides, you can enjoy a 5-star hotel experience for a fraction of the cost. Our serviced apartments are only 8 minutes from Tivat International Airport if you want to buy property in Montenegro or invest in Montenegro real estate. You can also qualify for a temporary Montenegro residence permit when buying real estate in Montenegro. You can discover the top attractions in Montenegro and take advantage of all these benefits by contacting us today.

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