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The finest real estate investments are short-term and serviced accommodation homes since they generate attractive ROI of up to 50% higher than conventional residential real estate. Consider the Royal Town Kotor apartments in Montenegro as an illustration. These upscale residences are popular with guests from all over the world, including tourists and business travelers. In addition, the apartments’ luxurious design and exclusive amenities make it possible for a significantly higher rental charge to be negotiated on a nightly or weekly basis instead of monthly. Since the pandemic, the demand for this kind of upscale serviced accommodation has increased tremendously, and experts have optimistic future predictions for this kind of real estate investment. Let’s explore the primary benefits when you invest in luxury serviced accommodation

Serviced Accommodation has the Best Facilities.

Luxury amenities and innovative home technology are frequently added to serviced accommodations. For instance, Royal Town Kotor offers its tenants first-rate opulent amenities, including a sizable infinity pool, a poolside bar, an affiliated beach club, and a children’s activity center. In addition, an on-site yoga and pilates studio, an entertainment room, and 24-hour security give the apartments an advantage in attracting clients to this high-end serviced accommodation.

Bountiful Space

As we’ve already indicated, serviced accommodations offer a homelike atmosphere that is unattainable in a hotel and, more importantly, are far less extensive. In comfort and solitude, tenants enjoy the room and freedom to work, unwind, prepare food, and host. In the post-Covid travel market, tourists are seeking this kind of freedom, so you can rest assured that there will be high demand for your property. 

Convenience and Privacy

Serviced accommodations are flexible, which is advantageous for both leisure and business travelers. Tourists are free to come and go as frequently as they please, entertain guests in the dining area or living room, and generally make the most of their rental property throughout their visit. Also, when time is short, and pressure is intense, business travelers can arrange meetings and workshops at their serviced accommodation. Visitors who book a self-contained serviced accommodation can enjoy the privacy they wouldn’t have in a hotel. In addition, reduced housekeeping ensures visitors feel at home while there and yet receive the benefits of hotel-like treatment. 

High Income

Landlords and property owners are fast transitioning to serviced accommodation to boost their rental assets’ income. As a real estate investment strategy, these exclusive rental properties can produce significantly more significant rental income than homes leased for long periods. Serviced accommodation can be invoiced on a nightly basis, unlike many other forms of property, which is one of the reasons it is comparable to hotels. In addition, serviced properties might be advertised throughout peak season and public holidays to boost rental yields further. They are hence substantially more profitable than standard buy-to-let rental apartments or homes.

Adaptable Rental Periods

It is advantageous to have the option of renting your home out for short- or long-term stays. This is particularly useful if your property is close to a popular tourist destination. To increase revenue, you can charge higher prices during the busiest times of the year and provide short-term stays. Longer-term tenants who remain for a month or two while exploring the area off-season can help balance this during the low-season months. The landlord not having to worry about tenancy agreements is another tempting aspect when investing in serviced accommodation. Also, if the serviced property is located in a desired region, the likelihood of unoccupied periods will be reduced.

Suitable for All Travel Types

Your serviced lodging will lure guests from all demographics if it is in a high-end area, like our apartments at Royal Town Kotor. All types of tourists want serviced accommodation, including business travelers, digital nomads, and foreign travelers. Also, short-term tenants who frequently visit a location, such as business travelers, are far more likely to return to a property than to hunt for a new one each time. This is excellent for minimizing the downtime you experience in your annual booking calendar. 

Montenegro Business Opportunities with Serviced Accommodation

Owning a home in one of the most dynamic and culturally significant regions of the globe is a benefit of investing in real estate in Montenegro. You can also become a Montenegrin resident by running a serviced accommodation, which entitles you to more benefits abroad. The tourism industry in Montenegro is booming, attracting tourists from all over the world who enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle and unmatched friendliness of the locals of the Balkan nation. Following the flawless success of Royal Blue Montenegro, our first complex of luxury serviced apartments in Montenegro, we have spread our wings to bring our exciting new development of serviced accommodations at Royal Town Kotor

Our elegant serviced accommodation at Royal Town Kotor offers you and your guests a luxurious residence. Also, with the growth of tourism in Montenegro, buying Montenegro property is a fantastic financial opportunity. We will handle every aspect of renting out your unit to maximize your income with our all-inclusive rental management and service solutions.

Your Dream Montenegro Property at Royal Town Kotor

You should look no further than Royal Town Kotor to purchase real estate in Montenegro. With the help of our innovative concept, you may invest in European real estate and add a premium Montenegro property to your portfolio. It’s a great moment to invest in Montenegro because of its impending EU membership. You can also get a residency permit in Montenegro based on a real estate investment or a work permit when you invest in Montenegro real estate. The appropriate course of action will be recommended to you by our specialists, and we will handle all the procedures and formalities on your behalf. Get in touch with our advisors to find out more about Montenegro business opportunities at Royal Town Kotor

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