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Consumer demand in the travel industry is currently driven by people taking extended vacations and remaining in one place longer, perhaps to work first and then unwind on holiday. As a result, privacy, personalization, convenience, and adaptable accommodations are the top priorities for travel accommodations in our post-pandemic world. The emergence of serviced apartments in the accommodation market has filled all of these requirements, and due to the numerous benefits to travelers and landlords, it is the area of the real estate industry that is expanding at the highest rate. However, suppose you want to market your serviced apartment effectively, expand your rental portfolio, or know why serviced residences are so popular. In that case, this blog will provide you with the necessary knowledge you need.

An Overview of Serviced Accommodation

To understand what serviced apartments are, consider a regular hotel’s amenities but with none of the drawbacks. Serviced apartments fill this market gap since they provide several distinct benefits. Stays in serviced accommodations benefit those looking for luxury and comfort while traveling, with spacious interiors, chic décor, and unparalleled services, making you feel secure and at home. In addition to sophisticated safety measures, including the availability of fire safety equipment and smoke alarms, key card-only access, and specialized video surveillance, residents can use exclusive check-in services. After a hard day, tenants can utilize 24-hour fitness centers and swimming pools to refresh and decompress. The icing on the cake is the wellness facilities, self-parking and valet options, and staff that speak multiple languages offered in many serviced apartment complexes. 

A Favourite for Business Travel

With all the conveniences you need for daily use, serviced apartments offer a home away from home and are more cost-effective for business travel as colleagues can share the same space. This includes concurrently using the living room, dining room, or another shared area. This choice fosters a sense of community and may be ideal for gregarious travelers who frequently experience loneliness when on work travels.

Also, co-living makes teamwork projects and group travel much more straightforward. When co-living is considered, the trouble of organizing accommodation for professional tasks and group travel is significantly reduced.

Serviced Apartments support Sustainable Travel.

While minimizing travel distance is the most straightforward method to travel sustainably, many business and long-stay travelers do not have this option. Hence, reducing your stay’s environmental impact as much as possible is a growing concern. The demand for ecologically friendly tourism echoes general world trends. However, due to the need for businesses to make more environmentally responsible decisions, these worldwide trends have also affected corporate travel, something the corporate travel industry cannot ignore.

The epidemic has accelerated the transition from in-person meetings to virtual video conferences, thereby reducing the need for travel. Your carbon footprint is significantly decreased if you travel less and stay in a serviced apartment for the duration of your trip. This reduces how much jet fuel used for air travel contributes to global warming and pollution.

Serviced Apartments Energy Usage 

A serviced apartment has a carbon footprint 70% lower over a 30-night visit than a luxury hotel.

Serviced apartments use 40% less water per night than a standard hotel room.

Serviced Apartments vs. Hotels

It is undeniable that hotel rooms frequently feel cramped, even if you splash out and reserve a larger-than-average room. Especially if you are there for a long time or have a lot of luggage, this may make you feel crowded while you are there. You have much more room to relax when choosing a serviced apartment. Serviced apartments offer a large and expansive substitute for a hotel room with all the same amenities and more. 

Luxury and Service in Montenegro Real Estate

The recently launched Royal Town Kotor residences, brought to you by the curators of Royal Blue Montenegro,  are in an excellent position to respond to the post-pandemic shift in travel habits. Set in a dreamy location close to Montenegro’s most breathtaking attractions, the tastefully furnished serviced apartments at Royal Town Kotor are designed to offer a luxurious stay for discriminating travelers. One, two, or three-bedroom apartments, as well as penthouse options, are available. The luxury serviced apartments at Royal Town Kotor provide a fluid transition between a place to stay for fun and a place to stay for business.

Each apartment is fully furnished with tasteful wooden floors, well-appointed kitchen and bathroom amenities, and generous walk-in wardrobes for travelers who prefer a homier travel feel. The thoughtful design is intended to improve the visitor’s sensory and visual experience. This is especially clear from the apartment’s views of the pool and the beautiful green lawns, where visitors may leisurely take in the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. 

Invest in Montenegro with Serviced Apartments

We can see that serviced apartments have appealing advantages for the future of travel. Concurrently, they also are a win-win option for real estate investing. This kind of accommodation is at the top of the market because of the changing needs of travelers looking for a place to stay and work. Serviced apartments can make a great addition to your investment portfolio due to the potential for earning high returns and the growing demand for this type of residence. Perhaps you are looking for a home away from home and have been enchanted by Montenegro’s dramatic beauty. Either way, our deluxe Montenegro real estate at Royal Town Kotor makes for a sound investment. Get in touch with us to learn more about this unique investment opportunity.

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