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While investing in real estate might be thrilling, not everyone has the time or experience to manage a rental property themselves.  When evaluating real estate investments, you can consider starting a small rental company as a landlord. However, if you have ever managed a rental or know someone who has, you are undoubtedly aware of the potential for problems. And even if your rental business is flourishing and you have excellent renters, managing one or more properties and keeping up with maintenance still requires a lot of work. If you want to invest in real estate but don’t want to do labor-intensive work, you can start through passive real estate investing.

Fortunately, you can earn money from a passive real estate investment without actively managing a property using several trustworthy passive tactics. As experts in the field, we have created two opportunities to invest in Montenegro through passive real estate investing. Our first project Royal Blue Montenegro continues to be a thriving success for our investors, so we are bringing a new opportunity with Royal Town Kotor to the Montenegro real estate market.

What is Passive Real Estate Investing?

Passive real estate investing is an investment strategy allowing you to earn passive income from your investment without actively managing any properties. This method of investing aims to keep you from giving up your time while allowing you to enjoy the advantages of real estate, such as consistent cash flow and potential property appreciation. In addition, even if investing in real estate occasionally demands upfront work, having your money work for you can be very simple. There are several passive real estate investing possibilities, which we explore below.

The Upside of Passive Real Estate Investing

Before looking at the various options, let’s consider the benefits of passive real estate investing. With well-chosen real estate assets, investors can enjoy reliable income flow, strong returns, tax advantages, portfolio diversification, and even foreign citizenship. For example, when you invest in Montenegro real estate with Royal Town Kotor, you can qualify for a Montenegro residence permit by investment. This excellent benefit allows you to make the most of your real estate investment and spend time in a second home. In addition, you can employ real estate to increase wealth, as properties in sought-after locations can provide lucrative appreciation. You also have the extra benefit of owning a house overseas that you may use for travel and business abroad. 

At Royal Town Kotor, we saw a market gap in Montenegro real estate and a huge opportunity to build an unprecedented real estate investment offer open to domestic and foreign investors. Our luxury serviced apartments offer upscale accommodation that can be rented for short, medium, or long-term contracts. These apartments also draw a wider tenant profile because of their luxury services so you can fill your rental calendar quickly.

Primary Types of Passive Real Estate Investing

There are various passive strategies to include real estate in your investment portfolio. Some techniques demand more money and up-front labor than others. The tactics listed below, however, can all be converted into entirely or largely passive investments.


Using crowdfunding websites is one of the simplest ways to begin passive real estate investing. These platforms combine funds from investors to buy commercial and residential real estate that generates revenue. Then, as a shareholder, you can profit from property price appreciation and a potential sale and receive cash dividends from rental income.

And investing through crowdsourcing is entirely passive. To identify and oversee tenants, these businesses collaborate with their own network of property managers. As a result, investors only need to be concerned about when dividends are made and finally cashing out their shares.


Real estate investment trusts, or REITs, are another passive real estate investing method comparable to crowdfunding, where the REIT is a business that owns properties, and you buy shares in the company. Since REITs are legally required to distribute at least 90% of their taxable revenue to shareholders as dividends, they are a desirable choice for income-producing investments.

As REITs distribute the majority of their revenue as dividends, the fundamental disadvantage of REIT investing is that growth is typically smaller than with investments like growth stocks. Yet it’s another straightforward and well-liked passive real estate investment technique. However, if you stick with publicly traded REITs, lack of liquidity isn’t a significant problem.

Employ a Property Manager

Real estate investments can also be made outside of REITs. Instead, many people opt to own individual residences. Using a property management company to run your rental business is another possibility for passive real estate investing. In other words, if you have enough money, you can start a rental business and buy single-family homes or even multi-family ones. Yet, you can delegate active labor to a local property management firm by outsourcing tenant and property management.

This technique allows you to possess equity in properties without actively managing them, which is a big plus compared to REITs or crowdfunding. The drawback is that you must pay a property manager to administer your company on your behalf. Another advantage of this investment style over many others is that it generates a high monthly income when you own the property, which may be more reliable than other investments. In addition, you can accumulate equity over time and even sell for a significant profit further down the line. Naturally, this passive real estate investing type also calls for a more significant minimal investment, so bear that in mind.

Enjoy your Passive Real Estate Investment with Royal Town Kotor

Our management company at Royal Town Kotor keeps your apartment and additional amenities in top shape. We also give our investors the choice to live in their serviced apartments for predetermined amounts of time if they choose to invest while taking in and exploring Montenegro’s energetic atmosphere. We oversee leasing, determine costs, and offer maintenance and cleaning services. We have created a rental model where investors can choose to rent out their properties while not in use and receive an annual rental income in euros with an average of 9.25%. We provide lengthy, flexible, and individually designed payment options with 0% interest. To ensure everyone can secure an apartment that best meets their investment budget, our project provides serviced apartments in various sizes and pricing points.

Our serviced apartments are only 15 minutes from the upscale Porto Montenegro marina if you want to invest in Montenegro real estate or are looking for Porto Montenegro apartments for sale. You can also apply for Montenegro residency by investment when you buy property in Montenegro. Contact us immediately to learn about exceptional Montenegro properties and reap the advantages of a passive real estate investment.

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