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Montenegro is undoubtedly one of the most desirable and affordable places in Europe to buy real estate, whether you’re searching for a sunny retreat of your own or an investment property. With a vast and beautiful landscape, choosing the right location for your property in Montenegro may seem challenging. If you have researched, you will know that the Bay of Kotor area is quickly becoming the most sought-after destination in Montenegro for travelers and property seekers. The possibility to locate your dream house in one of Montenegro’s most historically significant regions with stunning scenery—Kotor Bay—is provided by exceptional apartments for sale in Kotor.

This guide on apartments for sale in Kotor will take you through Kotor real estate options and the steps to buying property in Kotor and showcase our high-end and affordable Kotor apartments.

Types Kotor Montenegro Real Estate

Undeveloped Land in Kotor

As a foreigner, you are limited to the amount of land you can buy as an individual, up to 5,000 square meters of surface area. If you are looking for a larger plot, you will need to set up a business in Montenegro, which adds complexity to the buying process. You must collaborate with a lawyer on an additional stage in the procedure.

However, land is the only type of property that requires foreign owners to hold it through a business. If you want to buy apartments for sale in Kotor, you can own one outright as an individual buyer.

Kotor Apartments

Unsurprisingly, an apartment is the most common type of property acquisition by foreigners. Since they lack land titles, buying one is straightforward. Additionally, they are low maintenance and easy to rent if they are in a desirable location like Kotor

Some of the most outstanding apartments offer communal swimming pools and concierge services. With these kinds of classy touches, you can charge more for your Kotor apartment if you want to rent it out while you’re not using it because apartments with serviced features are in high demand and hard to find.

Off-plan Kotor Apartments

If you are not in a rush and looking for an affordable property in Montenegro, you should consider off-plan options. Our prime new development at Royal Town Kotor offers fantastic deals for off-plan apartments for sale in Kotor. This premium project features an infinity swimming pool, spa and wellness facilities, and access to our private beach at Royal Blue Beach! As this type of apartment in Kotor aims to provide a luxury lifestyle, you can be sure that the property’s value will grow significantly in the future. So, if you plan to buy property in Montenegro for investment, this is the ideal opportunity. 


Kotor Villas

If you have a larger budget, you may be considering villas for sale in Kotor. You can choose a villa to refurbish yourself as a project or a new build, as both are available. The benefits of a villa in Kotor are the additional space; however, if you plan to rent out your property when you are away, a villa has much higher maintenance needs than apartments.

Are Apartments for Sale in Kotor Affordable?

In terms of European property prices, Montenegro is still very reasonably priced- despite its growing popularity. But to give you some perspective- property costs about €3,349 per square meter in Dubrovnik, just across the border, while comparable homes in Kotor and Budva cost €2,250 per square meter. A significant difference in comparison to Croatia!

Steps for Buying Property in Kotor

#1. Select and reserve your desired real estate. 

As with any property acquisition, the first step is to find the perfect Kotor apartments for sale to satisfy your plan. Once you have found your dream option, you must make an offer and pay a deposit to secure the property. You should know that Montenegrin Law states that the deposit is non-refundable if a buyer pulls out. Similarly, if an owner fails to complete the sale, they are responsible for returning the deposit two-fold. 


#2. Prepare the contracts. 

All contracts must be prepared at a local notary. If you are buying an apartment in Kotor, you are in luck as there is a notary called Notar Sanja Jovanovic in an easy-to-reach location close to the Kotor Municipal Court. The buyer pays the notary fees, typically around 0.01% of the property value.

#3. Pay for the property and get confirmation.

You then pay per the contractual provisions upon signing and certifying the agreement. Contracts can be made up for lump sum payments or installments over several months. Once your payment has been received, you will get a confirmation document known locally as an “intabulandi.” This document and the sales contract are all you need to complete the registration process for your Montenegro real estate purchase. 

#4. Settle the taxes and fees.

Once the sale agreement has been notarised, a copy is sent to the tax inspectorate, and the turnover tax payment of 3% of the property’s value must then be paid within 15 days. A late payment fee of 0.03% is applied for each day the payment is overdue.

The 3% tax is not paid when purchasing primary real estate in Montenegro from a developer (legal entity) who is a VAT payer. The seller (legal entity) is the one who pays the 21% VAT on housing purchases made on the primary market. However, from January 1, 2024, Montenegro’s tax laws will be somewhat altered, and you can see the amendments below:

  • The 3% tax rate will remain in effect for properties worth up to €150,000. 
  • The tax will be split into two parts for properties valued between €150,000 and €500,000: €4500 in fixed taxes and 5% of the difference in property value. 
  • A fixed rate of €22,000 and an additional 6% of the difference in value are required payments for new owners of secondary luxury real estate.

For more detailed information on the amendments to the tax laws set by the Montenegrin Parliament, click here

#5. Get your title deed and celebrate!

You have 30 working days from the contract date to register your ownership with the Montenegrin cadastral office. You are officially deemed the property owner as soon as you register your rights in the cadastre. The registration fee equates to 0.5% of the property’s cadastral value.

A Thriving Business Opportunity for Foreigners in Montenegro

If you want to purchase real estate in Montenegro that attracts tourists, now is the best moment. They are still far cheaper than Croatia, which is nearby, and local property management services are accessible, so you can rest easy.

A glance at a property market report for Montenegro real estate reveals that the country is receiving significant investment. In addition, tourists are pouring into the warm coastal areas, where there is a decent chance of rental revenue with a qualified property manager. The region of Montenegro’s shore between Herceg Novi and Petrovac is the most active area for property purchases. The Budva Riviera and the Bay of Kotor are the most sought-after vacation spots, so you have excellent earning potential and a property in Montenegro with high-value retention when you buy an apartment in Kotor. 


Premium Properties for Sale in Kotor


When it comes to affordable apartments for sale in Kotor that combine luxury style and high-class amenities, you should look no further than our new development at Royal Town Kotor. We have considered the most intricate details to design the ultimate property offering bespoke furnishings, and ample facilities, including a gym, yoga, pilates studio, a children’s activity center, and an entertainment room. These elegant apartments are in a prominent and convenient location in Kotor, close to Kotor Old Town, Porto Montenegro, and Tivat International Airport, so you have everything you need within reach. The best part is that our pre-launch prices are less than 100,000 Euros!

Top Benefits of Our Apartments for Sale in Kotor

  • Luxury lifestyle amenities such as an infinity pool and wellness area. 
  • Comprehensive property management for peace of mind.
  • Attractive rental income of up to 9.25% if you rent your apartment.
  • A chance to get Montenegro residency through a property purchase. 
  • Flexible payment options with installments and no interest.

Secure your 5-Star Home in Kotor Without Delay!

Now you have seen what apartments for sale in Kotor are all about, are you ready to take the next step? We have six types of apartment styles for you to choose from at Royal Town Kotor, all with access to our maintenance and concierge services. So get in touch with us for any questions you may have; we are ready and eagerly awaiting your call.

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