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The Adriatic shoreline of Montenegro is now a must-see destination and an unmissable stop for European cruise ships. When you discover the splendor of the coastal towns in Montenegro, you will understand why. Some of everything can be found in Montenegro, including ancient walled villages, craggy mountains, limestone peaks, glacial lakes, broad canyons, national parks with bear and wolf habitats, and the best cuisine and wine. But the breathtaking coast, peppered with intriguing towns, draws visitors from across the globe. So, if you want to discover which are the best coastal towns in Montenegro and where to stay in Montenegro, read on.


Petrovac, a quaint Mediterranean village at the tip of the Budva Riviera, is the ideal representation of life along the Montenegrin coast. You will understand why this is one of the loveliest coastal towns in Montenegro as you descend to the charming beachside promenade, where lush Mediterranean plants scent the air. A 16th-century Venetian stronghold defends a modest stone port. The sea is clear, and children can play freely at night on the esplanade in this ideal coastal setting for families.

Small shops lining the boardwalk are where store owners congregate to talk with their neighbors while sipping Turkish coffee. Freshly caught sea bass and calamari are served at coastal restaurants with olive oil flavored with garlic and herbs. With seasoned grandparents who have been coming here their entire lives, tanned kids construct sandcastles.


Tivat more than makes up for the lack of the old-world elegance of Montenegro’s seaside old towns with subtle ‘cool.’ The small village is simple to get around on foot and is a short distance from other must-see destinations in Montenegro, like Kotor, Budva, and the untamed shore of the Lutica Peninsula. Porto Montenegro is a posh platinum-rated marina and community with top-notch restaurants in picturesque surroundings just a short distance from Tivat town. Staying at the fully serviced apartments in Tivat at Royal Blue Montenegro will add a touch of luxury to your trip to Montenegro.


In the center of the breathtaking Bay of Kotor stands the lovely old town of Kotor. This fortified Venetian village has been a stronghold for ages, concealed by a towering mountainside. Wandering through the narrow streets of Kotor, one of Montenegro’s top tourist destinations, will enchant even the most seasoned traveler. The San Giovanni Fortress, which is behind the town, offers stunning views of the Bay of Kotor and the town’s terracotta roofs. Follow the wildly winding path to the historic fortress along the Ladder of Kotor, which leads you up to at least 70 terrifying switchbacks, with the vistas progressively becoming more breathtaking as you near the summit.

Herceg Novi

One of the most picturesque cities on the Adriatic coast, Herceg Novi experiences sunshine practically every day of the year, so it is aptly donned the “City of the Sun.” Herceg Novi features a range of architectural styles due to being ruled by many countries for varying lengths of time. Most of the city’s tourist attractions are in the old town, encircled by walls. The ancient town, known locally as Stari Grad, can be entered by ascending the stairs of the medieval clock tower that the Austrians built. Summertime festivities and concerts are held in the old town, close to the clock and Bloody Tower.

Herceg Novi, which guards the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, is located at the northernmost point of Montenegro’s coastline. Herceg Novi provides tourists with a relaxed Montenegrin experience among locals and frequently goes unnoticed in the light of popular tourist destinations like Kotor. Bellavista Square in the charming old town is well-liked for coffee and late-night libations. The seven-kilometer-long beachfront promenade in Igalo is perfect for leisurely strolls in the summer, and from May to October, people come to enjoy the sun on the sandy beach.


The 2,500-year-old town of Budva is one of the most charming coastal towns in Montenegro. Beautiful beaches and the crystal-clear water that make up the Budva Riviera surround the old walled city. Ivy vines are creeping up the stone buildings inside the village, while wisteria vines are in bloom. Its Old Town is almost as charming as the one in nearby Kotor, and there is plenty of fun on the beaches and at the seaside cafés that open up in the summer. It is packed with bars, restaurants, and limestone buildings. Visitors flock to this vibrant coastal town for the stunning beaches and some of the best nightlife in the Balkans.

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