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Why Montenegro?

Montenegro crams a great deal of beauty and excitement into its small borders. Montenegro is located in the Adriatic next to Croatia and it is considered one of the most beautiful country in the world.

Away from the coast, Montenegro has a National Park with a large, beautiful lake that is ideal for camping, hiking, and sightseeing. Together with competitive rental yields, a substantial increase in property value over time, a favorable climate, pristine nature, and economic stability, Montenegro is an attractive investment destination.

Perfect Location

As a result of its strategic positioning, Montenegro is only a couple of hours away by plane from the majority of European cities, and it has easy access to the best maritime routes for establishing connections with the rest of the world. In addition to its convenience and proximity, the country’s location makes possible its beautiful landscape, which is replete with breathtaking sights like the ocean, mountains, lakes, islands, and canyons.

Candidate for EU Membership

Montenegro is in a better position than the other five Western Balkan aspirants on its path toward EU accession, with most negotiation chapters open and a likely candidate to meet the 2025 accession date suggested by the European Commission’s new 2018 enlargement strategy. The country joined NATO in June 2017, fulfilling a key foreign policy objective. Any investor who obtains a residence permit in Montenegro prior to the country’s accession to the European Union will enjoy the same privileges afterward

Growing Tourism

There is no other tourist destination in the Mediterranean with a consistent upward trend in turnover rates like Montenegro. It is far ahead of its regional peers in terms of “per capita” foreign investment. WTTC predicts that tourism revenues will increase by 6% per year on average over the next decade.

Attractive Investment Opportunities

Since 2002, Montenegro has used the euro as its official currency, and annual economic growth is officially reported to be 3.4%. The country has a low-income tax rate of 9% and gives new companies that invest low-rate advantages. Companies owned by citizens of Montenegro and companies owned by noncitizens are treated equally with the same rights and terms. The tourism and real estate industries have proliferated in the past few years and added 3.5 billion euros to the economy.

Strong Real Estate Market

The Montenegrin coast is the most beautiful part of the country for investment due to its position, natural beauty, and potential. The most important causes of growth in real estate prices on the Montenegrin coast are the inflow of foreign direct investment into this sector and non-residentsā€™ demand for large homes on the Montenegrin coast.