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Royal Town Kotor

What Is The Serviced Apartment?

Fully furnished serviced apartments are available for both short and long-term stays. They provide amenities similar to those of a traditional hotel but with the added space, convenience, and privacy of a home, so guests can enjoy living like a local while traveling for a much lower price.

Simply put, our investors purchase the property, and we manage it for them using a service model. With the experience and relationships we’ve developed over the years and the help of our subsidiaries, we will effectively market and service their apartments. From the investor’s perspective, they are not required to participate in any of that.

Serviced apartments can be very profitable for investors, but there are essential factors to consider when managing this type of property, and the right letting agent is necessary. Since we have serviced apartments as part of our business plan for Royal Town Kotor, we already have the knowledge we need.